Aug 11, 2017 by John Plumpton

Brilliant day out yesterday. The guys were brilliant, rode some great trails, saw some fantastic sights. The bikes were setup perfect, the terrain was challenging in sections, but the guys gauged the trails for our ability (and exhaustion levels). We saw the southern most tip of Croatia before getting back to base for a nice cool beer. Even attended a biker meet along with a hundred bikers who turned up for beer and a roast lamb at the local biker club followed by a rock concert. Days don’t get any better than this.
Considering that this was meant to be the first time out together dirt biking with my son, you made this a truly memorable occasion. My son has the biggest smile I have seen on his face, possibly one of the most fun days of his life. Loads of memories to take back to school.

The guys took some pictures and invited me to join their Facebook page which I would love to do and be able to get those pics. My son’s friends will never believe him without those pics.

Cheers once again for a great day. Feel free to quote any of the above on your web site.